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Let’s Pallets sells wholesale typical and Euro pallets of A, B and C grade. Careful sorting allows us to choose the type of pallets that fully satisfy our customer’s requirements. All used pallets are prepared for sale and subjected to strict quality control. Each pallet is sorted manually by the warehouse staff.

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Nowadays it is hard to imagine a wholesale or retail company, without the pallets in its work. Any type of trade is associated with the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the point of sale or directly to the consumer.

Wooden pallets are classified in many ways, including their period of operation. Because of the possibility of using wooden pallets more than 1 time they are the most environmentally friendly and demanded container for the cargo transportation.

Our company offers used typical and euro-pallets.

Europallets of A, B, C class

  • Size. 800×1200×145mm.
  • Marking. Pallets in European countries are branded with a sign with an oval frame, with the letters EUR inside.

On the bearing legs of the pallet, a brand is burned, where the letters EUR are enclosed in an oval. The markings on the rest of the legs indicate the manufacturer, series and year of manufacture. Euro pallets are subject to strict phytosanitary inspections, as indicated by the branding on the central pallet boot.

According to their condition used euro pallets are divided into three grades.

Group 5 (1)

Typical pallets

The typical pallet is considered the most widespread of all pallet types and is suitable for warehousing and transporting a huge range of goods and commodities.

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