Let's Pallets

About our company

Let's Pallets sells wholesale pre-owned typical and Euro pallets of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.

A careful approach to sorting allows us to choose the type of pallets that fully meets the customer’s requirements. All used pallets undergo pre-sale inspection and strict quality control, each pallet is sorted by hand and sorted by the warehouse employees. Deliveries are made in the shortest possible time. Deliveries to Europe under FCA terms. You can save up to 40% on used pallets compared to buying new pallets and you reduce your company’s overhead. When you decide to buy wooden pallets in bulk from us, you choose high quality and affordable prices.

Sale certificate

EPAL  (European Pallet Association)is an association of licensed pallet manufacturers, which forms the requirements for pallet production, is responsible for the quality of EPAL pallets produced and their repair since 1991.  The European Pallet Association grant licenses to pallet companies for their activity, production or repair.

 The European Pallet Association issues licenses to pallet companies for their respective activities, production or repair.

Wooden pallets of the European standard – EPAL – are used in Europe for decades. Today this standard is generally accepted all over the world.  EPAL is a guarantee of high quality of new pallets and overhaulability of used pallets. Both new and used Europallets  pass customs control worldwide safely.

Advantages of working with us

Constant availability of goods in stock
Individual approach to each customer
Execute the order in one day
High quality pallets
Let's Pallets is a licensee of the pallet association EPAL
Assistance in finding transport
Feedback at any stage of the deal
Location of the warehouse is 500 meters from the highway

Our team

Maretsky Igor

General Director

Timashkova Ekaterina

Managing Director

Schasnovich Maxim

Head of the Purchasing Department

Serykh Ilya

Procurement Expert

Skovorodina Victoria

Procurement Expert

Bugaeva Yanina

Sales Representative

Turok Polina

Sales Representative

Shalygina Anna

Sales Representative

Shcherbenok Elena

Procurement Expert

Pismennaya Anna

Procurement Expert

Sukhovarov Alexey

Warehouse Manager

Denisenkov Ivan

Warehouse Agent

Duinov Oleg

Warehouse Agent

Maksimenko Alexander

Warehouse Agent